What to Know about Your Car’s Air Filters

There are two air filters in your car that provide different services. Clogged air filters in the engine make the car use more fuel and create drier combustion that can damage your engine. Air filters in the cabin catch pollens, dust, and other air debris.

Cabin filters retain debris and expose the wafting air in your cabin to its presence. Pollens and dust become a major issue for those allergic to them when the cabin air filter is clogged. The engine air filter regulates air entering the combustion chamber. When the air filter is clogged, only fuel enters the chamber resulting in less fuel economy and eventual stalling of the vehicle. Changing out these filters when clogged, or when partially blocked, will make your car’s life easier.

At Northcutt Toyota, we check your air filters at every service and recommend changes when necessary.



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