Toyota Yaris: Tech That Feels Good!

The Toyota Yaris is a subcompact car that is considerate of comfort and desired technology features. Northcutt Toyota recognizes the need for comfort in a small car, so our clients can zip around and commute. The Yaris provides great comfort and technology in a small package for people who want a comfortable and smart vehicle.

Feel like you are at home with the automatic climate control. Set the dial to the temperature that you want it to maintain and then forget about it. The Yaris will keep the cabin of the car at the same temperature while you drive.

The steering wheel-mounted controls in the Toyota Yaris are great for those that hate taking their hands off of the wheel in traffic. You can control your music and your phone calls from the wheel. If you are a commuter this will provide less distraction while you are in traffic or have to take that important phone call while driving around Enid, OK.

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