Keep Your Family Safe in the New Toyota Highlander

For the residents of Enid, vehicle safety is often a number one priority when choosing a new automobile. Given that most drivers find themselves transporting friends, family, and other loved ones, it makes sense to do so as safely as possible. At Northcutt Toyota, we strongly recommend that drivers who are searching for a safe SUV consider purchasing the new Toyota Highlander.

This midsize SUV is packed full of handy safety features that will help to protect your family. Our customers are particularly fond of the Highlander's Star Safety System. By combining features such as Smart Stop Technology and Enhanced Vehicle Stability Control, this system keeps you moving along in a safe and steady manner.

In the event that you do get into an accident, the Toyota Highlander's Advanced Airbag System will be there to help. No matter where your vehicle is struck, there is an airbag in place to soften the blow.

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