A Look at Key Toyota Prius Safety Features

The Toyota Prius has been one of the most popular hybrids on the road for years. A key reason why the Toyota Prius is so well regarded is because of its outstanding safety features. The team at Northcutt Toyota, located in Enid, OK, is happy to provide you in-depth information about the highly-regarded Toyota Prius safety features.

The Toyota Prius safety features include its highly effective lane departure alert with steering assist. Lane departure alert and its steering assist element activates when you are traveling at 32 miles per hour or faster. It is designed to get you back onto a proper course quickly and safely.

Another of the outstanding safety features on the Toyota Prius is Dynamic Radar Cruise Control. Not only does this feature safely maintain a constant speed on highways it is also designed to ensure that you maintain a proper distance from other vehicles.

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