The Toyota Avalon Offers Smart Mobile Connectivity

Spacious, elegant and powerful, the Toyota Avalon is advertised by Northcutt Toyota as a full-size that caters to families in Enid, OK. Several trims are available with a hybrid powertrain, including the XLE.

A multimedia system with the Entune 3.0 platform is optional in this premium Toyota sedan. You'll see a handful of digital applications on the 9-inch display, including the Remote Connect. This virtual suite has Guest Driver and Vehicle Status Alert functions. You can also use the app to locate the vehicle in a parking lot. Some classic features in the Remote Connect portal also allow you to unlock the car's doors and warm up the ignition system before you enter.

You can connect smartwatches and smartphones to the Remote Connect interface. The home-to-vehicle management function makes it easy to control a smart home. For example, you can use the Toyota Avalon's mobile apps to interact with a device that comes with Amazon Alexa.

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