Explore Toyota Sequoia Tech Features

It's easy to see why the Toyota Sequoia is a No. 1 full-size SUV with legions of enthusiastic fans. In addition to smooth handling and outstanding safety features, the Sequoia also has great tech features.

Pristine Treble, Banging Bass

The Sequoia's sound system is the stuff of audio dreams, boasting 14 JBL speakers integrated into the SUV's spacious interior. There's a mixture of subwoofers and amplifiers for lush acoustics and fleshed-out harmonic structure that brings your favorite playlists to new life. Plus, connectivity via USB or Bluetooth lets you pair your devices for custom soundtracks during daily commutes or weekend getaways.

Entune App Suite

Imagine a master media mixing console built into your dash. The Entune App Suite offers access to media, news, entertainment, weather, and integrated navigation. Locate fuel and the best prices along any route in Enid, OK or catch up on your stocks and favorite sports in real time. The whole shebang is at your fingertips via a crisp, 6.1-inch high-res touchscreen that makes operation a cinch. See for yourself. Swing by Northcutt Toyota today to test drive a Toyota Sequoia and see the full tech package in action.

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