Durability and Dependability of the New Toyota Tacoma

When you need a dependable truck that can withstand heavy cargo loads, consider the powerful Toyota Tacoma. Built with a lightweight, yet strong, hot-stamped alloy frame designed for performance, it can handle rough roads, wet conditions, and steep climbs.

To make towing as safe as possible, the Trailer Sway Control package will detect lateral movement in the trailer and take steps, such as reducing engine torque or applying brakes to individual wheels, to stop it and keep the trailer tracking straight.  

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The Toyota 4Runner is All About Lights

With plenty of space and lots of power, the Toyota 4Runner is one of the most popular mid-size SUVs available for purchase. It also comes with some very useful features that could help you determine if this vehicle is the right fit for you.

Exterior capabilities that help keep the Toyota 4Runner so popular include the LED taillights that are just as useful during the day as they are at night. The projector-beam headlights are much stronger and more focused than the average headlights, and also utilize Daytime Running Lights to increase visibility. 

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New Toyota RAV4: Performance You Can Trust

The Toyota RAV4, a top choice for crossover SUV enthusiasts, is once again standing out from the competition. Check out two of its great performance features.

Optimum traction means a better performing vehicle, and you get that with the Dynamic Torque Control feature. Working in conjunction with the all-wheel drive system, this feature allows continual monitoring of the engine's power, and then distributes that power between both front and back wheels. Another great feature for control is the suspension, which gives you a smoother ride on highways. 

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The 2018 Toyota Tundra: A Pickup for the Modern Driver

These days it's not enough for a truck to have impressive performance. They also need to have features that cater to the connected individual. The 2018 Toyota Tundra is a popular full-sized pickup truck that has the equipment to keep you entertained wherever you go.

One of the most prominent interior features of this truck is the large audio display system. The large 7-inch display has a touchscreen interface with high-resolution graphics. It takes advantage of Toyota's Entune App suite. You can stream music, connect your Bluetooth-enabled smartphone, and use popular applications.

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Let Us Find the Right Toyota Camry Hybrid for You

Regardless of your particular style, the newly designed exterior of the Toyota Camry Hybrid is sure to spark your interest. With flowing lines combined with sharp edges and a muscular look, this unique hybrid is sure to be remembered by anyone it crosses paths with.

Whether you want a black front grille with a sports mesh insert or a bright metallic one that really makes a statement, there's a model of Camry Hybrid for you. The LED headlights have a fully integrated Daytime Running Mode, and the rear LED combination lights can be outfitted with smoke tint.

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The 2018 Toyota C-HR’s Notable Safety Features

If you are interested in the 2018 Toyota C-HR, the new subcompact SUV comes well-furnished with a number of features that make it one of the best models in its class. Aside from a stylish exterior and comfortable interior, the new model also comes with a variety of active safety features. Read further to learn more about the safety features that come with the 2018 Toyota C-HR.

The 2018 C-HR comes with an innovative Automatic High Beam system. This system increases nighttime visibility for superior safety. The Automatic High Beam system can spot an approaching vehicle up to 2,000…

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The Toyota Corolla has Advanced Technology Features

Finding a car that is set up with advanced features is important to you. The Toyota Corolla has the technology that you are seeking. This is a popular compact car and one that will give you a good technological experience.

The Toyota Corolla gives you the option to get set up with a button that you can use to start up your car. This modern advancement is one that can be both handy and enjoyable to use. The Toyota Corolla features a backup camera that gives you a good view behind you when you are driving the car in reverse…

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Want to See the Toyota Avalon Safety Features?

Want to know why the new Toyota Avalon full-size sedan is considered one of the safest cars on the road? These safety features should give you a glimpse into why so many are buying this vehicle.

Take the Avalon on the road at night and you'll have an easier time seeing the roads. The car comes with the Automatic High Beams system that can detect cars in the other lanes or in front of you and switch to low beams. Once there are no other cars in sight, the system switches back to high beam.

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Read About These 2018 Toyota 4Runner Exterior Features

If we can provide assistance helping you get in a vehicle that meets your needs, we have met our goal. If you are in the market for a reliable midsize SUV, we would like to suggest the 2018 Toyota 4Runner. The updated model comes with a wide range of exterior features that make it among the top choices in its class. To learn more about the exterior, read further.

The new model comes with projector-beam headlights. Aside from adding a stylish appeal to the exterior, these headlights also provide you with a boost in visibility. With these headlights, you are…

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What to Know about Your Car’s Air Filters

There are two air filters in your car that provide different services. Clogged air filters in the engine make the car use more fuel and create drier combustion that can damage your engine. Air filters in the cabin catch pollens, dust, and other air debris.

Cabin filters retain debris and expose the wafting air in your cabin to its presence. Pollens and dust become a major issue for those allergic to them when the cabin air filter is clogged. The engine air filter regulates air entering the combustion chamber. When the air filter is clogged, only fuel enters the chamber…

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