New Toyota 86 is here

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Restyled front and rear

Classic car enthusiasts and modern design aficionados find common ground amongst the Toyota 86's electrifying exterior elements. Sculpted with a wind-cheating drag coefficient of just .27 Cd, the Toyota 86's svelte curves have a dual-purpose--to captivate onlookers and optimize performance. Continuing on this form meets function theme, the Toyota 86 uses its large chin spoiler and integrated canards to keep a firm position in relation to the ground for increased responsiveness and sharpened cornering capabilities. Restyled to make track-ready, street style functional, the Toyota 86's facade gives a first glimpse at the jaw-dropping thrills in store.

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6-speed transmission

The Toyota 86 uncovers a way to provide you a white-knuckled experience while satisfying your eco-conscience. With its 6-speed transmission, the Toyota 86 is quick to accelerate and save you money at the pump. Whether you opt for manual or automatic, the Toyota 86 is prepared to surmount even the most monotonous drive. Choose the sequential automatic transmission option and you are provided a manual shift mode for those moments you wish to experience racecar thrills, or elect the manual transmission for short, precise driving throws like no other.

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Sport-tuned suspension

The Toyota 86 brings track performance to the streets. Its sporty, spongy suspension features revised spring rates, updated shock components and a new rear sway bar which collectively work to help sharpen turns and enhance grip over uneven surfaces. Maneuver corners and rugged terrain with surgical-like precision, and because the suspension absorbs chaos, you a provided a smooth, comfortable ride every time.


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